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Anti-ageing is a disappointing pursuit. It has been since Ponce de Léon went searching for the Fountain of Youth and found Florida. There is no point at which the anti-ageing will have worked – whe... from # 01 Inbox

Have you ever worked on something, then once you got it done you were told it wasn’t needed anymore? Distributed systems feel like that all the time. Clients give us work, then time out, or wander ... from (Marc Brooker) # 54.03 Time

Leases are a nearly ubiquitous, go-to, mutual exclusion mechanism in distributed systems. The core idea is simple: have a client lease the right to exclude other clients for a period of time, and a... from (Marc Brooker) # 54.03 Time
# 60.08 System-design

There’s something qualitative and important that happens when the error on T⟨A⟩ (aka ϵ) is smaller than the amount of time it would take event A to cause anything to happen (e.g. smaller than one n... from (Marc Brooker) # 10.05 Data
# 10.20 Events
# 54.03 Time

"Is it possible to build a fact event with some sort of reason as to why it was created?" The answer to this is yes, and the event type is known as [[a composite event. It's helpful t... from Confluent # 10.20 Events

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