I'm an experienced startup operator with a history of scaling tech and teams. I'm a self-taught software developer, (and tech lead, and manager) with a much wider-ranging career and education before that. I strive to bring curiosity, encouragement, and first-principles thinking to the work I'm doing.

I'm currently building as a Senior Staff Developer at Shopify.

You can read more about me on my main website.

About This Site

I wrote up the process and theory behind this website, but basically it's an export and reformatting of my highlights and notes of my online (and some offline) reading (script here).

I use it to jostle loose ideas when I'm researching a particular problem in software design or writing topic. I usually either ask it for a random note or search by keyword.

The site theme is forked from Simply Jekyll, with alternative styling taken from Tufte.css. The site fonts are Libertinus.


- 22-06-23 Implemented decimal index
- 09-06-23 Printable styling and QRCodes
- 01-05-23 Highlight text fragments in outbound links
- 05-03-23 Send Webmentions with GitHub Actions
- 04-03-23 Switch to GitHub Actions for build
- 01-03-23 Add Webmention display support
- 16-02-23 Styled with Tufte.css
- 11-02-23 Added Random Note page
- 11-02-23 Search-via-URL-query support
- 11-02-23 Tags added to search results
- 09-02-23 Forked from Original Theme
- 14-05-20 Context Menu
- 08-05-20 Trivial Spaced Repetition
- 04-05-20 Removed Theming.
- 04-05-20 Removed Curated Notes.
- 01-04-20 Curated Notes.
- 30-04-20 Transclusion.
- 26-04-20 Sidenote.
- 20-04-20 Wiki link.
- 16-04-20 Theme.
- 16-04-20 Avatar.
- 11-02-20 Related Posts.
- 12-10-19 Searchbar.