Consumers want perfection, but farmers want commodity,” he said.

This is kind of a laughable sentence. How the fuck would consumers know what perfection is? It doesn’t matter how much I care about regenerative ag, when I’m buying tomato sauce at the grocery store and there’s 700 varieties, all I have to go by is what’s on the label. And no one is regulating regenerative labeling, so it’s all bullshit. On the other hand, “farmers want commodity” is a very kind way of saying “farmers want to grow whatever they want, however is easiest/cheapest, and they want someone to buy it no matter what.” If I could wordsmith a quote, I’d go with, “Consumers want safe, healthy, delicious food that doesn’t jeopardize the planet in the way that it’s grown, but farmers want them to want whatever they grow.”

A Pandemic of Apathy - by Sarah Mock - Big Team Farms
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