The room is architected for discussions and decisions, not just visits:

The map room contained a conference table and chairs so that decision-making and planning conferences could be held there. Thus the group was continually confronted with the developing map and the members were constantly aware of gaps in the information and suggested priorities for items to be considered.


The map was a large, living memory for the group.

Other observations about the map room:

  • Briefing is simply a matter of taking new people into the map room for a briefing and allowing them to wander
  • The map room is, in one sense, a “learning machine” – comprising two parts. The planners: thinking and adapting And the display: making the complete context of the decisions readily available.
  • The physical room should be reconfigurable. Ideally, many decision-making groups should be able to use a number of maps simultaneously in the same general area. The ideal studio or office

The map room is a physical room-size wiki for collaboration from the 1950s
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