In order to uncover our customer’s perceptions towards our product’s attributes, we need to use the Kano questionnaire. It consists of a pair of questions for each feature we want to evaluate:

• One asks our customers how they feel if they have the feature; • The other asks how they feel if they did not have the feature.

The first question is called the functional form and the second one is the dysfunctional form (they’re also called positive and negative by Jan Moorman.) These are not open-ended questions, though. There are very specific options we should use. To each “how do you feel if you had / did not have this feature”, the possible answers are:

• I like it • I expect it • I am neutral • I can tolerate it • I dislike it Or this version, by Robert Blauth’s team: This would be very helpful to me, This is a basic requirement for me, This would not affect me, This would be a minor inconvenience, This would be a major problem for me

The Complete Guide to the Kano Model
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