There’s no status website to check your relationship with other parts of your company, but it’s reasonably straightforward to figure out:

  • Supported is when others proactively go out of their way to make your efforts successful. For example, if you push for a monolith to services rewrite, they’d come to you with concrete concerns for why this might not work out, and ideas for how to adjust your approach.
  • Tolerated is when others are indifferent to your work. For example, they hear about your services rewrite, and pull any related work tickets into their sprints, but don’t make an effort to flag structural inefficiencies in your approach.
  • Resented is when others view your requests as a distraction from their actual work. For example, they’ll advise their teams to ignore your migration tickets until you escalate loudly.

Balancing your CEO, peers, and Engineering.
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