We’re building apps to surround and harness AI, but we need microscopes to study it too

I always think of the Warp Core in Star Trek – this barely contained seething emanation of ENERGY, and the ship is built around it to sluice and direct that energy away to make it do useful things. (I don’t know if this is actually what the Warp Core is, my Star Trek lore is lacking. But bear with me.)

Or the drive shaft that ran down the centre of steam-powered factories, from which all power and motion was drawn.

When I look at the startups being built with large language models, they treat it like a Warp Core. The job is to surround the LLM, capture it, use it. What controls can be built to harness and guide rather than limit?

The 14 year old boy alignment problem, future shock, and AI microscopes
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