Time is not money. Time is beans.

It was as serious as many jokes are, which is to say about half. Saying it meant that you could take time and give time, but also that you could plant time and grow more of it and that there were different varieties of time. It meant that all your time grew out of someone else’s time, maybe out of something someone planted long ago. It meant that time was not the currency of a zero-sum game and that, sometimes, the best way for me to get more time would be to give it to you, and the best way for you to get some would be to give it back to me.

If time were not a commodity, then time, our time, would not be as scarce as it seemed just a moment ago. Together, we could have all the time in the world. Treat time as a gift, given to you, given to yourself, give of it to others.

Time is your hands cooling, time is dust, time is beans, time is the literal tree in front of you
from Alexis Madrigal favicon